What is The Hot Soup? 
The Hot Soup is a journalistic digital magazine redefining mental health through original reporting, visual storytelling and art. It is an alternative space dedicated to changing the narrative on mental health by accurately reflecting the lived experiences of those with mental health disorders. It poses an question about something taken for granted — what does “mental illness” really even mean? Through journalistic and creative works, this magazine will explore issues such as mental illness/wellness, health care, mental health public policy, stigma, politics, globalization, the environment and climate change, race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.
Why is this outlet needed? 
Mental health is a topic receiving increased attention in the media, which can be an overall positive thing. But is the media discussing mental health in ways that truly represents the state of mental wellness/illness in our society? Do they ask the right questions, talk to the right people and tell us the right information? Research shows the media has portrayed mental disorders in a negative and damaging way. In the news and in popular culture, people with mental disorders are  contributing to the social stigma attached to mental distress, disorders and negative experiences. Stigma doesn’t just cause emotional harm, but contributes to social isolation, discrimination, economic loss, and power and status loss. The images we create have real effects on how society perceives and treats those with mental disorders.
Why “Soup”?
They say chicken soup is for the soul; The Hot Soup is for the madness inside all of us.
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About the editor:
Hansook Oh is a graduate student studying mass communications at California State University, Northridge, where she also obtained bachelor’s degrees in journalism and Asian American studies. This website is part of her thesis work. As a person living with Bipolar Disorder II, she knows not only that one can survive with a mental disorder, but one can truly thrive.
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