When you see your shadow, you wonder your place in the world? Why I am here? Am I as blank as my shadow or can make something unique, something that will last on its own merits and will never be confused for something or someone else?

Autism Self Reflections

By Jeffrey Zide

This is an interpretive project I’ve done on how Autism affects me and how I see the world, particularly as a visual person. This project is abstract, but it is an attempt to show the world how I see things in the world. Each photo shows an aspect of how Autism affects me. These photos hover around on two themes: trying to find an order in the midst of chaos, and the contrast of how I see myself and how the world sees me. The first photo represents my difficulty with eye contact and how disconcerting staring into a pair of eyes can be for me. The second photo represents a harsh contrast between colors, a small red flower in a sea of green — I stick out too in the world, but not in the way I want to or try. The other photos are a representation of that theme. Bridging the gap between chaos and order, between the world and myself, is the struggle of my existence.

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